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1 EUR = 25,890 CZK
1 USD = 21,837 CZK
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The new Chinese colonialists

Business - 2008-03-17 - China's hunger for natural resources is causing more problems at home than abroad More...

China Debates Green GDP and Its Future Development Model

Business - 2007-08-09 - “Green GDP” has been the new catchphrase in the Chinese media and politicaldiscourse in the past few years. China’s State Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) jointly released China’s first Green GDP report in 2006, which measures the country’s GDP performance against the cost of resources and the impact on the environment. It concludes that a limited calculation of pollution alone cost 3.05 percent of China’s GDP in 2004 [1]. The widely reported new method of assessing China’s growth, however, will be relegated to simply an exciting start; Beijing recently announced that the much-anticipated Green GDP report for 2005, completed last year, would now be shelved indefinitely. More...

Is China growing too fast?

Business - 2007-05-14 - ONE would think that Asian equity markets would be happy at the news that China’s economy, the regional powerhouse, is growing even faster than expected. More...

China´s next revolution

Business - 2007-03-11 - A new property law is a breakthrough, even though it raises hopes that one-party rule may dash More...

The fast and the furious

Business - 2006-11-26 - Are Chinese carmakers trying to do too much, too soon? More...

China will emit more greenhouse gases

Business - 2006-09-30 - Within a decade, China will emit more greenhouse gases than any other country More...

Chinese car exports top imports

Business - 2005-12-11 - Chinese car exports are exceeding imports for the first time, figures show, but officials have warned of possible over-production in the sector. More...

Foreign banks to get China leeway

Business - 2005-12-11 - Beijing is taking further steps to make it easier for foreign banks to do business in China. More...

Airbus unveils $10bn Chinese deal

Business - 2005-12-11 - European aircraft maker Airbus has agreed to sell 150 A320 planes to China in a deal worth almost $10bn (£5.7bn) More...

Foreign investment in China

Business - 2005-11-24 - Faintly Declining Investment.The torrent of cash heading for China shows signs of abating. More...

India and China

Business - 2005-11-24 - What's to stop India and China? India and China could grow even faster but for their political timidity. More...

Bank of China 'courts investors'

Business - 2005-08-31 - Bank of China is in talks with several foreign banks about investing in the firm, newspaper reports have claimed. More...
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